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What is IAStorIcon?

August 29, 2011

What is IAStorIcon? | What is?.

What is IAStorIcon?

What is IAStorIcon?
IAStorIcon is an executable file, which Intel developed. It is a program file associated to Intel Rapid Recovery Technology. The file is meant to provide the user a fast and easy method in recovering data and bring back the system to a status, which is operational. Most people thought that IAStorIcon is a type of malware or virus. However, it is not for it is legitimately developed by Intel Corp. Moreover, various third-party software programs and hardware require the executable file. Therefore, it should not be disabled.

The problem most PC users encounter among system errors is the IAStorIcon.exe error. Since, most PC users think that IAStorIcon is a type of malicious program, they tend delete or disable the executable file. However, this is not always the case. There are times that the file may have been corrupted or infected by a virus. Once this file is deleted, corrupted or infected by some types of malware, an error message will pop up your screen.

When a user encounters a pop up IAStorIcon.exe error, it is because you tried to open a file that is associated to the executable file. The file is requiring the executable file but to no avail because it may be deleted, disabled, corrupted or infected. IAStorIcon may stop various programs and most commonly, some other programs will not correctly run. Moreover, the error may slow down the whole computer system. The error will result in the system’s poor performance. Therefore, it should be fixed immediately.

There are specific reasons why IAStorIcon.exe Error occurs. Below are some of possible causes of IAStorIcon.exe Error.

  • A program associated with IAStorIcon was deleted. Sometimes a program may remove the dll file through the process of uninstallation. The deleted dll file might be needed by the operating system or another program so an error will occur.
  • An older version of the dll file might have overwritten the dll file. This happens when new programs were installed.
  • Sometimes bad installation happens and it may cause an error to the IAStorIcon.
  • A user or another program might have mistakenly or maliciously deleted the dll or other associated files to IAStorIcon
  • A dll file may have been deleted by a Trojan or other types of malicious programs
  • There are times when the Windows registry is filled with incorrect or invalid dll entries. When this happens, an IAStorIcon.exe Error may pop up.

On the other hand, your PC will show signs or symptoms if there is something wrong with its system’s IAStorIcon.exe file. Below are signs that the executable file might need to be fixed.

  • IAStorIcon.exe is taking up too much of your system resources. This will result to an extremely slow computer.
  • Your computer system fails to launch various applications due to its association with the corrupted or missing exe file.
  • The most obvious is the pop up IAStorIcon.exe error that appears when you boot your system or when you launch an application.
  • Oftentimes, the computer freezes, crash or the BSOD apprears.

IAStorIcon.exe error is a common PC problem; however, this problem must be fixed. As for recommendation, it is not advised to fix this problem by your self. The better thing to do is to let a PC technician fix it for you. On the other hand, most of the time, the error is caused by a Windows registry error. This can be solved by using an application that fixes registry errors.

The best alternative i could find for my computer is using the tune up utilities 2010 that has a very good registry cleaner.

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