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Temp File Cleaner v4.0.0 released with more features for temp-files cleaning

October 9, 2011

The latest version of  Temp File cleaner has been released. If you’d like to find an older version of this sofware, Please scroll down to the previous article.

The whole new look of the latest version with some additional features for deleting more temporary files stored in your computer.

The download link of Temp File Cleaner v4.0.0 is in the main homepage : HERE


Previous article :

This one has been tested and proven to free up pretty much space in my drives that could not be deleted by another cleaner i use before.

It’s so useful to have as many trash files as you can delete to free your hard drive space and to speed up your computer as well.

Before running this application after the installation, make sure to have the java runtime environment 6 update 27  installed in your system.

You can download the required java runtime from this link :

In advanced option.Make sure the windows prefetch and system restore datas are not checked for cleaning.

The Temp File Cleaner project started long ago, back in 2004 as a simple batch script. The project quickly evolved to include a long list of directories to clean, and soon was ported to a Java application. This program only has one thing in mind, and that is deleting temporary files. All of them. Fast. Windows likes to hide these in all sorts of places, often with dynamic paths, and does a poor job of cleaning them itself.

Download the application
+ Temp File Cleaner v3.1.1 2011-03-06
Downloads 29897
  – Windows Installer (Recommended) 1.7 MB
  – Portable Executable (zipped) 1.55 MB
  – Multi-platform jar (zipped) 1.53 MB
  – (Installer)
  – (Portable)
– Fixed a bug in the installer causing the toolbar to be installed when the option was unchecked.
– The executable now supports console output without specifying the -console flag.
– Fixed a bug causing some command line options not to be reflected in the GUI.

To find the complete releases of this application including the previous releases, Pls go to

System Requirements
– Java Runtime Environment 6 (or later).
– Runs on Windows, Linux (wine)
– Only cleans Windows file systems (for now)
– Mounted Windows volume (98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
– Administrator access (to clean entire system)
– Limited users can clean their own profile






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One Comment
  1. I had a GUI Fault with ESET closing down, and technical assistance downloaded a temp file cleaner to my Laptop, without any warnings etc., that the download was an issue at all. Now that I have tried to download and install the same temp file cleaner to my Desktop, ESET is giving me warnings that this program is not normally saved as a download. Would anyone else care to comment as to why this should be?

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