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Crysis Edition [6 version] – Hybrid OS for Blackberry 9700 – Extreme Shrink Version

October 14, 2011

After a few weeks of testing for the previous version (5 version), I was thinking to give a try on a newer version that the new one might be able to fix a few bugs found in the 5 version.

Here’s a glance of the 6 version :
1. Hybrid Composition:,,,,,
2. Help Screen: (2949)
3. About Screen:

What is more in Crysis Edition [6 version] compared with Standard OS (Leaked / Official):
1. Better battery, memory and browser performance.
2. Read only CJK function ( to read all font in your blackberry including the smiley fonts).
3. Available language : English only
4. The increasing perfomance in blackberry messenger and handheld Booting  Time.
5. The shrinked Fonts can be loaded independently using the font  loader
6. A few frequent used loaders, games, and applications.

Some Important Things you must know before the installation :
1. Backup your data and all 3rd party apps before running this installation
2. The standard base OS is REQUIRED (Manual instruction is given below).
3. Please delete the Vendor.xml file first in the loader folder.
4. Freeze / Lag / Hot and Drained battery may occur  after BBM data restoration.
5. During the adaption process,  You may find the battery drained for the first 2 days.

– Do a battery pull 4x a day (during 2 days adaptation process between handheld and the new OS).

How to successfully install the OS  :

Here are the steps :

1. You must first back up your data. You can use the Blackberry desktop manager or BBSak to do this

For me, i prefer the blackberry desktop manager to make a back up file.

You can download blackberry desktop manager from here :
(The Base OS installation will require blackberry desktop manager installed before you can run the installation)

After your device is connected, click this tab : Device > Back up and a window dialog of your back up option will appear. Choose wether to back up all files or just some parts of the file.

2. Download and install the base OS first (base OS : Official OS)

Depending on your handheld, you can choose the best suited base OS to install before being replaced by the hybrid later (any OS would be ok but it’s better if you choose the base OS that best suited your handheld before).

In my case, Since my blackberry released by AT&T, i tried to choose the base OS from AT&T from

The specification of my base OS :

BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2342 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 9700M_PBr6.0.0_rel2342_PL6.6.0.195_A6.0.0.526_AT_T.exe
  • File size: 157.69MB

You can choose among the various releases of the OS based on your carrier from here :

3. Download the hybrid OS

Download the hybrid OS (download link is on the bottom of this page).

Unrar the file and manage the file as follow :

Because the default Blackberry messenger in this hybrid OS is the beta version that requires the keycode, we need to have the standard BBM instead of the beta version.

Here’s how to get the standard BBM files :

Copy all content in folder : ALL4ONE BBM HYBRID SERIES GALAXY FOUR

Paste and replace the content to folder : JAVA.

After the standard BBM file is copied, now we have to make sure all content in the downloaded Hybrid OS is copied to the loader file.

Here’s how to get them all copied :

Copy all folders and files in your downloaded hybrid OS EXCEPT what’s in ALL4ONE BBM HYBRID SERIES GALAXY FOUR folder.

Go to Program files > common files > research in motion > shared > loader files > 9700M_v6.0.0.526_P6.6.0.195 (OS file name depends on the given name when you download the file).

Paste all content in your downloaded hybrid OS (EXCEPT what’s in ALL4ONE BBM HYBRID SERIES GALAXY FOUR folder) to this folder.

My suggestion : delete the default application files in your base OS’9700M_v6.0.0.526_P6.6.0.195  folder first before you paste the hybrid OS files into this folder.

Please make sure the default name of the folder (9700M_v6.0.0.526_P6.6.0.195) stays the same because the loader can only load the files if it recognizes the default folder name.

Now you get everything set up correctly before you load the new hybrid OS to your blackberry.

4. Wipe old data in your blackberry

In my case, i use BBSAK to wipe the old data.

You can download bbsak from :

Wipe the old data

Now you got old data in your blackberry deleted.

After the deletion, your blackberry will restart itself before the white screen with “error 507 reload the software” warning appear in your blackberry screen.

This is normally happened after the deletion, so don’t worry.


Click “load os” and choose the OS from selection list.

Follow the instruction until the selection list of the loadable applications appear. Choose efficiently to make sure the unnecessary applications not installed. Because it will make your  blackberry handle the phone operation with full storage,thus it will slow down your phone.

After the loading complete, this dialog msg will appear :

Now your device is using the hybrid OS that runs better with only important files mixed and loaded into your device.

download link for Crysis Edition [6 version] – Hybrid OS for Blackberry 9700  – Extreme Shrink Version is in the main homepage HERE :

RAR Password :

To find the complete list of the application modules and all default applications in this OS, go to

Enjoy !


  1. baitoei permalink

    many thanks kaa!
    i will try this naa 😀

  2. lufrox permalink

    that give me an error when i try to extrac the hybrid os

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